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Finish Stapling the Canvas

Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand


Using the edge of the frame as a guide, trim the excess canvas such that there is no more than 1.5” of material from the outside of edge of the frame.


Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand

Place image face-down on the table and, starting with the top edge, grab the canvas with the canvas pliers with the chin/lip of the pliers levered against the frame.
Staple the back of the frame opposite the pliers every 1.5” or so.

Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand Starting in the middle and working toward the edges helps.

Once you have worked all around the canvas, remove the 3 temporary staples in the top of the canvas. (repair holes with colored pencil if desired)

There will be excess material at the corners; fold  the corners OR cut out a piece of  excess and then fold.

Staple corners and double check that all staples have been tapped flat.


Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand
Spray protective finish onto canvas. Let dry 3 min, and repeat 3 times and then let it sit for a day.

rem-Only apply spray after inks have cured for 3 days.




Last Updated 2-3-2011