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Stretching a Canvas Picture by hand

Prepare an image using these guidelines: 
For gallery wrap=add 1.25" on all 4 sides of actual picture content AND Add 2" more of white space on all 4 sides so there is enough room for stapling. Print Canvas using Pro9800 7800Canvas_PK (tone down whites) Cure for 3 days before framing

Making a Canvas Stretching Frame
Measure the finished FACE of the print and cut frame to those lengths with
45 degree angles using electric Miter (chop) saw

Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand

For Canvas, place moulding with rabbit up so it lies flat.

Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand
Thumbnail frames in center of 45 degree slanty part
 Place with rabbit facing out so it can cut deep enough  if small frame

 Glue ends (wipe off extra) and drive thumbnails into place

 Allow frame to dry for 3+ hours

Stretching the Canvas on the Frame

Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand Sand corners lightly
Locate the Bottom edge of the print (rem-.625" is extra to wrap around the frame) Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand
Tutorial; Stretching canvas by hand Fold and crease at that edge.

 Putting a weight on the excess helps. 

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